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Meet the TEAM

Meet Dr. Lisa Boland

Implant Dentistry

Dr. Lisa Boland is an honours graduate from the prestigious Trinity College Dublin, and is registered with the Irish Dental Council and a member of the Irish Dental Association and Irish Faculty of Primary Dental Care. She is also a Faculty Member of Dentistry in The Royal College Of Surgeons, having completed her membership exams in 2011. Dr. Boland's research in composite materials won the Junior Hatton Award in 2013, which she presented to the Dental Materials Conference in Seattle that year.

Dr. Boland first specialised in cosmetic and restorative dentistry, completing a year in London training with the world renowned Dr Chris Orr in state of the art, minimally invasive cosmetic techniques. Dr. Boland's skill in utilising the most modern, transformative methods and materials allows her to provide crowns, veneers and cosmetic bonding treatments that celebrate the unique, natural beauty of every patient's smile.

Dr. Boland is highly motivated to always offering her patients treatment options from the cutting edge of dentistry. This commitment to excellence in patient care has led to her further specialization in Implant Dentistry, the most advanced, reliable form of restorative dentistry with the highest success rates for failing teeth available today. Currently undertaking a Masters in Oral Implantology with the Goethe University in Frankfurt, Dr. Boland is working alongside some of the world's leading clinical experts in the Implantology field. She has also travelled internationally to numerous hands-on surgical courses to further her experience and clinical skill in the placement of Dental Implants.

Lisa embodies the belief that the best dentists and Implantologists must be guided jointly by the patient's specific best interests and unique smile goals. Her practice couples professional excellence with an authentic and warm rapport with her patients - Lisa aims to give her patients a smile they can take pride in again.

Meet Dr. Michael O’Halloran

Dr Michael O'Halloran LLB LLM BA B.Dent.Sc. is a leading dental legal authority in Ireland, being the only dentist in the country with both a law degree and a doctorate of dental surgery.

He completed his undergraduate law degree in University College Dublin and was conferred with both honours and masters qualifications in commerce and law by the prestigious Sutherland School of Law. He subsequently received his Fe-1 Examinations to the Law Society Of Ireland.

His keen interest in Medical Law in combination with a desire to operate in a very hands on field of medicine led Michael to Dentistry. He was admitted to the renowned School of Dental Science in Trinity College Dublin on an entrance scholarship. Michael was awarded honours in Restorative Dentistry and now operates in private practice as well as consulting in the court of law.

Michael's vast knowledge and experience in consulting on medicolegal issues within the profession and immense clinical skill ensure the most ethical gold-standard treatment for all of his patients. He provides specialist medicolegal reports and advise on request.

Meet Dr. Mohammed Shirin

Dental Surgery

Dr Mo Shirin was the youngest student ever to be awarded an entrance exhibition scholarship to study Dentistry in Trinity College Dublin aged 17

He graduated with a first class honours degree in Restorative Dentistry with a passion for oral surgery and implant dentistry. His drive to excel in this niche field lead to postgraduate surgical training in Miami Florida, USA where he spent time with the world’s preeminent authorities on bone biology, bone grafting and dental implant surgery. He was awarded a dual fellowship from the International Dental Implant Association and International Congress Of Oral Implantologists . Dr Shirin aims to provide long lasting solutions to his patients oral health needs with the latest and greatest in dental implant development and technology and enjoys using novel techniques in treating challenging cases where patients have been previously told “it can’t be done”.

When not performing surgery or studying up to date techniques Dr Shirin enjoys playing rugby having represented CBC Monkstown and Trinity College Dublin as well as spending time with family and friends.

Services provided by Dr Shirin include but are not limited to

  • Complex wisdom tooth surgery
  • Complex surgical tooth extractions
  • Dentoalveolar pre prosthetic surgery
  • Implant Placement Surgery
  • External Internal Sinus lift surgery
  • Bone grafting / Bone augmentation
  • Chin / Ramus blocks
  • Periodontal plastic surgery
  • Management of Failed Implants / Revision Implant Surgery

Meet Dr. Mary Finnegan

Dr. Mary Finnegan is committed to D2 Dental’s patient-centred approach to dentistry, believing that quality dentistry delivered with a calm and caring approach has the power to improve patients’ overall health outcomes, wellbeing and lives.

She graduated with honours in Dental Science from Trinity College Dublin, having excelled in an environment committed to innovation, research and excellence in patient care. Dr. Finnegan excels at general dentistry, and has developed a special interest in root canal treatment and cosmetic dentistry, with her patient’s comfort throughout the treatment process and long-term tooth health and preservation at the heart of her work. Her skills and clinical experience are enhanced by her genuine interest in her patients and drive to help them achieve their smile goals – allowing her to put even particularly nervous patients at ease and build trusting relationships of care.

Dr. Finnegan’s passion for the promotion of accessible dental care, education and study inspired her to take part in volunteer dentistry projects in the islands of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and later led her to become an accredited member of Ireland’s Royal College of Surgeons’ Faculty of Dentistry. A native of beautiful Tyrone, Mary has a love for travel and the outdoors and believes in living well – exploring scenic hiking trails, open water swimming, and enjoying good food!

Meet Dr. Katie Duffy

General Dentist

Dr. Duffy graduated with her honours degree in Dental Science from Trinity College Dublin – widely recognised as an institution at the forefront of dental practitioner training in Europe, partnered with the Dublin Dental Hospital to produce graduates with an exceptional standard of dental technology training and highly sought after clinical experience. Her motivation to learn all she could while helping others in need led to Dr. Duffy taking part during 2019 in a volunteer dentistry project in the Saint Vincent and Grenadine Islands in the Caribbean.

Dr. Duffy’s favourite aspect of dentistry is also the reason she was passionate about joining the healthcare sector in the first place – putting patients at ease who are in need of compassionate dental care. Having worked previously in a busy public dental practice in Wicklow Town, Dr. Duffy has extensive experience serving the community and taking care of her patients with needs ranging from family and childhood dental care to complex or emergency extractions. Dr. Duffy excels at treating patients, young or old, who are nervous about coming in for a dental appointment, and is committed to every patient she treats leaving our clinic feeling listened to, out of pain and worry-free. Right from the get-go, on joining our team at D2 Dental she has been passionate about our clinic goal of pain free dentistry, with patient comfort prioritised through state-of-the-art supportive technology and excellence in patient care.

Dr. Duffy has a special interest in family dentistry and oral surgical procedures, and while she’s kept happily busy at our clinic, when she does get away from work Katie, originally from Belmullet, has no choice but to follow Mayo football – but recently she’s been branching out into racquetball, and even learning how to surf.

Meet Sarah-Jane Morris

Head Nurse

Sarah-Jane’s career in nursing began in 2013 with her start as a Dental Nurse in a private practice clinic which specialised in prosthodontics (complex dental care including the restoration and replacement of missing or damaged teeth with prosthetics). Immediately knowing that she had made the right choice, her fascination for complex dental restorations grew hand in hand alongside the pride she took in her clinical support role – providing reliable, efficient assistance and reassurance to both patients and dentists.

Once her formal studies were underway, Sarah-Jane decided it was time to move on and expand her skills equally into other areas of dentistry, both general and specialist. She began working in the Dublin Dental University Hospital, where she graduated with a Dental Nursing higher diploma from Trinity College Dublin in 2016. After a short adventure living abroad in Spain, she returned to Ireland revitalised and ready to immerse herself entirely into a dental nursing career with D2 Dental built on a commitment to patient-centred care above all.

As D2 Dental's Head Nurse, Sarah-Jane’s extensive and specialised nursing experience has made her an invaluable leader within our clinical team, supporting and guiding the nursing team to always bring 100% of their knowledge, skill and performance to their patient care role. The comfort, peace of mind, and quality of treatment outcomes for our patients are Sarah-Jane's top concerns, and her talent for coordination between the clinical, nursing, and front of house teams at D2 Dental makes delivering on those goals a breeze.

While Sarah-Jane's broad background means that she’s always ready for anything, what she enjoys the most is assisting on cosmetic dentistry procedures, from composite bondings and veneers to crowns and long-term Invisalign treatments – the infectious joy and satisfaction of seeing patients experience full smile transformations. Whatever dental care she is assisting with on any given day, Sarah-Jane brings her love for building lasting, professional relationships of care with her – ensuring that every patient undergoes their treatment in an easy-going, friendly environment of trust, comfort and confidence.

Meet Whitney Fonkoh

Nursing Staff

Whitney's energy and enthusiasm have made her a standout part of the team here at D2 Dental from the moment she joined us. Ever since she was young, Whitney knew she wanted to work in healthcare, and that passion has never faltered.

Graduating with a distinction from the Dental Nursing Diploma course at Trinity College Dublin, Whitney's stellar academic track record and hands on, intensive training have furnished her with valuable experience assisting on a wide variety of dental treatment procedures and pathways. We were lucky enough to first meet Whitney during her student placement with our clinic, and she was so dedicated to learning and developing her skills in every area of practice, particularly excelling at assistance in composite bonding and implant placement procedures, that we couldn't wait to welcome her as a permanent member of the nursing team.

D2 Dental's environment of continuous learning and development made Whitney feel right at home, with her ambitions of completing even more courses of study in the coming years and her drive to use and grow all of her skills to create the best patient experience possible. Building rapport and ongoing, trusting relationships of care with patients is one of the most important aspects of her work to Whitney, and the one that keenly motivates her to keep going.

Alongside her excitement to see what the future holds for her thriving new career in dentistry, Whitney also makes time for her artistic side, painting and exploring new cultures and food - while also keeping fit as part of her All Ireland champion basketball team.

Meet Anna Samsonova

Nursing Staff

Anna is one of our amazing nurses here at D2 Dental, who strives to make every day for herself and our clinic, better than the one before.

Always curious about everything from a young age, Anna loved studying science at school, and once she got older was quickly drawn to healthcare - ever passionate about the idea that you could use knowledge and training to help others and improve people's lives.

After receiving an entrance exhibition award, Anna began studying Dental Science at the prestigious Trinity College Dublin School of Dentistry, from which she will graduate as a fully qualified General Dentist in 2023. Anna was determined to supplement and enhance her skills and experience as much she possibly could while completing her studies and practical training at Trinity. Anna committed to joining a dental practice where she could observe and learn from leading Irish dental professionals, while growing her own skills in assisting as a dental nurse, building patient relationships of trust, and becoming familiar with the daily ins and outs of a bustling, multidisiplinary dental clinic.

At D2 Dental we have been as thrilled to welcome Anna to the team and to learn from her and her enthusiasm, dedication and passion for growth, as she has been to develop her hands on experience with a wide variety of dental and oral surgery procedures surrounded by her knowledgeable and inspiring colleagues.

When not helping patients to relax before a treatment at the clinic, or studying for her final year, Anna loves to unwind by going to the gym or baking at home.

Meet Emiliana Rivadeneyra

Nursing Staff

Originally from Argentina, Emiliana studied dentistry at Rosario Nacional University. She also holds a qualification in oral surgery and is currently working towards having her Dentist title recognised in Ireland.

Emiliana knew even as a teenager that she wanted to work in Dentistry. She was attracted to the field by her passion for taking care of people and making them happy. We’re delighted to have her on the team at D2 so we can help her achieve these passions, and so are our patients!

When she’s not working, Emiliana likes to relax by swimming, reading, and travelling. She enjoys learning new languages and already speaks Spanish, Italian, and English.

Meet Aimee-Rose Willett


Aimee-Rose is a key member of our Front of House team.

Our very own American, Aimee-Rose moved to Dublin in 2019 to pursue her Masters degree in opera performance at the Royal Irish Academy of Music. Having previously managed all aspects of a beauty salon, from finances to supply chain and most importantly customer care, she has transitioned seamlessly into dentistry and ensuring that the patients of D2 Dental enjoy a comprehensive service and harmonious experience from start to finish.

With organisational skills that are matched only by her incredibly outgoing, enthusiastic nature, if you call into the clinic while Aimee-Rose is on the desk you’ll always hear her warmly greeting patients or even filling the waiting room with song while patients are being booked in for their recall appointments. Aimee-Rose’s positivity and passion for helping people shine through in her work every day, and she absolutely loves being a member of a team that is fully supportive of anyone with a talent for sincere, high-quality patient care coming to the job from all walks of life. Aimee-Rose is always driving herself to improve and learn, and is looking forward to completing her performance education, singing countless more beautiful solos, and of course her continuing bright future with D2 Dental!

Meet Amy Armour


Meet Amy, a dedicated and friendly Front of House star here at D2 Dental!

Amy fell in love with the city when she first came to Dublin in 2018 to study Visual Culture at the National College of Art and Design. She began working at the same time in hospitality, developing her skills in effective, articulate and responsive communication between both college and work roles, and quickly rising through the ranks to take on additional senior staff responsibilities including training and supervising, liaising between multiple departments to fulfil customer needs, and keeping a dozen administrative and scheduling plates in the air at once with a smile.

In March 2020, Amy decided life still wasn’t quite busy enough and took time out to start a family. She joined the team here at D2 Dental in the summer of 2021, and the clinic has been benefitting from her careful eye for detail, her quick thinking and her even quicker smile and supportive word, ever since. Whether on the phone or a first-time emergency call-in, patients always comment on Amy’s calm, reassuring demeanour and ability to put them at ease in even the most difficult situations. While the strengths and skills that Amy developed during her time in study and working in hospitality have transferred effortlessly to her role here at the clinic, she is keen to continue growing and progressing her abilities and experience long into the future of D2 Dental.

Outside of work the organising prowess doesn’t stop for Amy, as she currently spends the majority of her time running around after a wonderful but adventurous one-and-a-half-year-old, and the rest trying to find a moment of zen among the chaos of raising a young family!

Meet Vincent Farrell


We’re delighted to introduce you to D2 Dental’s own Front-of-House Renaissance man, Vincent!

Our gregarious Gaeilgeoir, Vincent got his start during the summer months at the Coláiste na Bhfiann Gaelteachts in West Meath and Galway, while also fitting in countless hours of practice on the school cycling team around his Leaving Cert studies at Dublin’s Rosmini Public School. This propensity for seeking out cultural as well as physical challenges to pursue would always be a passion of Vincent’s, as he went on to join the 7th Field Artillery Regiment via the McKee Barracks in Dublin, spending six years as a part-time soldier, three of those at the rank of corporal.

Never content to rest on his laurels, Vincent’s drive to diversify and develop knowledge in every field that fascinates him led to his beginning at this time a career as a civil servant, going on to spend 10 years working with statistics and the law. While his acuity, organisational and administrative strengths, and boundless cooperative communication skills were perfected over this period, it was Vincent’s adventurous spirit that put him on the path to D2Dental – and we couldn’t be happier that it did! Vincent’s decision to take a bold career break at this stage and spend four years traveling throughout Europe and the Middle East, led to his being in London at the right place at the right time, to take up an exciting, transformative position at the Eastman’s Dental Hospital in King’s Cross.

During his time at the Dental Hospital, Vincent worked extensively on reception at a clinic dedicated to serving patients with severe dental phobias – an experience that has made him a natural fit on our reception team here at the clinic – where his understanding, empathy, and genuine interest in reassuring while getting to know those undergoing stress, can help put even our most nervous patients at ease. If Vincent’s on the front desk during your visit to our clinic, see if you can guess which landmark Dublin establishments you’ve definitely seen his hand in without realising it, from his time working on several high profile, city centre Capital Bars’ building projects. Vincent is still very happy to swap a cúpla focal in Irish with any interested parties, patient and colleague alike – while outside of work he still carries on as an amateur cyclist to this day, and staying fit outdoors indulging in swimming all year round, and landscaping garden areas for his friends and family.

Meet Amanda Hayes


Mandy brings extensive experience in 'first call resolution' to her role from her 8 years as a Contact Support Operative working in a multi-channel communications environment including comprehensive client support across multiple phone lines, Livechat and Social Media channels. During that time she honed her skills and competencies in Data and GDPR Compliance as part of a Financial Regulatory team within a large multinational organisation.

Mandy is enthusiastic about using the knowledge she has gained from Clinical and Medical receptionist courses to support practices and patients during routine and emergency front-desk call situations. Her time outside of work is spent out of doors and with family as much as possible, keeping fit and making memories - her conscientious nature led to her certification in Cardiac First Response for those long hiking trails.

Meet Nicola Hayes


Before joining the team, Nicola worked for 13 years as Contact Centre Operative for a large multinational organisation, over which time client communication migrated from a traditional call set-up to a dynamic, multi-channel environment. Nicola's commitment to providing a positive, respectful and satisfying client journey based on timely and effective communication extends to all her professional relationships - her collaborative strengths led to her Chairpersonship of a 'Voice of the Employee' working group in her previous role, promoting team-based discussion, innovation and resolution.

Nicola is dedicated to ongoing learning in the Dental field to build on the skills she gained during Medical and Clinical Reception certification training. She believes in encouraging continuous skill-building - a value she has taken to heart over the years supporting her own daughters' dreams.

Meet Sinéad Logue


Meet our Reception Superstar Sinéad!

A student of the human condition in more ways than one, Sinéad has the expertise, experience and authentic warmth to make every patient who calls our clinic for assistance or comes through our doors feel heard, respected and immediately at home.

Sinéad has worked in the care of children with additional needs for a number of years with the Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation, before which she completed her BA degree in Criminology. Her calm, professional and empathetic approach when resolving any and all patient issues has its basis in these early confidentiality and sensitivity focused environments, followed by a year working in general dental reception before taking up her current role on D2 Dental’s Front of House team. We and our patients couldn’t be luckier to have her positivity, problem-solving skills and welcoming perspective brightening our reception desk every day – young or old, Sinéad can put to rest the nerves of even the most dental-shy, whether you like to talk films, work-out routines, or philosophy!

Never one to do anything by halves, Sinéad is also currently training in the illustrious Bow Street Academy, the National Screen Acting School of Ireland. Although focusing on her acting at present, Sinéad has also branched out into writing, beginning with completing a first-draft novel in 2020, and aiming to move into screenwriting and producing her own short films after graduation. Once the ink’s dry on the editing process we can’t wait to be the first clinic with her book on our waiting room shelves!