Have Wisdom Teeth Growing In?


Wisdom Teeth

The last four teeth to erupt in a person’s mouth are called wisdom teeth. They received that name because they come in after childhood is over. Many people in their late teens and early adulthood start experiencing the pain of wisdom teeth. Occasionally, a person may have the teeth erupt with little or no consequence. Most often though, wisdom teeth are a source of trouble. At D2 Dental, our dentists can examine your wisdom teeth and recommend a time at which they should be removed. Wisdom teeth are notorious for coming in at all angles and they can sometimes push otherwise straight teeth out of alignment. In order to have the least impact on nearby teeth, bone and gum tissue, it is advisable that they be removed earlier as opposed to later.

At D2 Dental, we have a selection of options available to our patients to provide a calm relaxing state before wisdom teeth are extracted. Sedation, along with the adept and gentle hands of our compassionate dentists will ensure that your experience will be comfortable.